Friday, September 30, 2011

"Are you sure you want this? Once I start I will not stop." He growled as he yanked at the blindfold.
She moaned as she ran wet between her thighs, "Yes.. Oh Please." She slightly tugged at the waistband of his slacks.
" Begging will get you no where. No more talk from you. You will answer me when I say. Understood? Say Yes my Lord." There was a darkness in his voice and erotic inevitability.

She wanted this badly, " Yes my Lord."

"She is so innocent and full of possibilities," he thought, " She will learn obedience for defying me and if she is to survive my realm she will learn the arts of sinful pleasures."
He gazed upon her soul and hungered for her.
She opened her mouth and panted as she couldn't sense what was to happen next only promise of ........